Vision. Action. Results.

Vision. Action. Results

Decades ago, there was close relations between Africa and, first Yugoslavia and then, Serbia. There are not so many destinations in the world where Serbia has such a close relationship and friendship as old as this. This is something we are extremely proud of and are determined to maintain and protect.

Since the Non-Aligned Movement in which the forces of Africa have stood side by side with Yugoslavia and other “non-aligned” forces of the world, and the times when Serbian building industry was omnipresent on the streets of Africa; building skyscrapers, bridges and some current architectural symbols of the continent, till today when the aspiration to exchange our knowledge has spread onto defense industry, but also agriculturesports, and real-estate
Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on the crossroads of Europe, according to many city of the future and culturally-historical center of the Eastern Europe, leads Serbia on the road of the unstoppable development. But this is not the road on which we walk alone. This is the road on which we meet many partners and friends, exchanging knowledges, advancing our technologies and building our experts furthermore.
Africa is one of those partners, and back from the age of Yugoslavia, friends also. Friends which we know well and wish to give everything we have, all our knowledge, our possibilities, solutions we came up with and ones we will come up with together.Join us on that road. Join us in the mission of creating a network aspired to improve the African industry, and through promoting the Serbian companies operating on the continent.